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Together, We Shine
Online community for souls to align

The monthly membership for self - development and spiritual growth



Connect with supportive, like-minded women who share your passion for yoga, mindfulness and spiritual growth.


Experience a safe space where positive relationships blossom and flourish. Find solace and support in a transformative community dedicated to healing, growth and liberation.


Dedicate time each month to nourish your mind, body and soul with the transformative power of yoga and mindfulness.

Committing to our online monthly classes empowers you to cultivate a consistent practice, providing a sanctuary of self-care and growth in the comfort of your own space.



No matter where you are on your yoga journey, our community offers valuable insights, tips and inspiration to enhance your practice.


Receive expert guidance and support, tailored to your needs, whether you're just starting out or an experienced practitioner seeking to deepen your practice.

A sneak peak in to your monthly membership

Find peace and grounding with our monthly 90-minute Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra class, designed to regulate your nervous system.

Embark on a journey of self-discovery with our monthly 90-minute meditation and journaling session. Explore, release and deepen your connection to yourself in a supportive community.

Get ready for surprise bonuses, challenges, and exclusive content waiting for you, including our book club!

Dive into our monthly themes, addressing physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Experience holistic care for every aspect of your life.

Gain deeper insights into the history and philosophy of yoga, along with understanding the body's energy, through expert guidance.

Connect with the community, embrace the energy, and experience the power of sisterhood as you journey towards fulfillment.


This is for the woman who...

  • Dreams of a community where she can be accepted and celebrated for who she truly is, without the need to conform to societal standards or fit into boxes that don't resonate with her.

  • Craves a life of safety and connection, where her nervous system feels regulated and she feels calm and content.

  • Longs for a safe space where she can explore her inner world without judgement or pressure.

  • Wants to start healing from within but isn't sure where to begin.

  • Desires to explore holistic practices and mindfulness to find inner peace and transformation.

  • Recognises the power of holistic approaches to healing and growth, seeking to nourish her mind, body, and soul.

  • Craves connection with like-minded women who share her journey of healing and growth, longing for a sisterhood where she can be seen, heard, and celebrated.

  • Wants to break free from self-doubt and feel alive and at home in her body.

namaste hands receiving.jpg

A journey of spiritual growth

Amidst the chaos, on a journey divine,

Seeking truth, with angel numbers as your sign.

Books, meditations and crystals in hand,

Guided by intuition, you take a stand.

But in a world where eyes may roll,

And words of mockery take their toll,

Fear not, dear yogi, for here you'll find,

A sanctuary of hearts aligned.

In this space, where souls unite,

We honour visions, bold and bright.

Gatherings and circles, we crave the same,

Embracing 'The Universe,' in its cosmic frame.


So let them jest and turn away,

For in our haven, you'll always stay.

Together, we soar, on wings unfurled,

A community of seekers, in this spiritual world.

Q. When and where are the live classes?
All live classes are hosted on zoom. The dates vary each month but you will receive your monthly schedule in advance so that you can plan accordingly.

Q: How long are the live classes?
Our live zoom classes typically last for 90 minutes, providing ample time for a rejuvenating and transformative experience.

Q: I'm new to yoga/spirituality. Is this community suitable?
Absolutely! Our community welcomes ladies of all levels, from beginners to experienced practitioners. Our supportive environment and expert guidance make it the perfect place to start or deepen your journey.


Q: I have a busy schedule. Can I still participate?
Of course! Our community is designed to accommodate various schedules. With recordings available for all live sessions, you can engage with the content at a time that works best for you.


Q. I'm joining halfway through the month, is that ok? 

100%! Regardless of the date you sign up, you will receive a full month's membership, including access to our live classes and our Community App. You won't miss out on any of the transformative experiences our community offers. 

Pricing Plan Anchor
  • Together, We Shine - Monthly Membership

    Every month
  • Together, We Shine - Annual Membership

    Every year

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